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GAME BREAKING BUG - Missed events and quest issues



When I started my file, on the second day, I went into the forest instead of going through the main quest, trying to get some side questing done.  Well, the result was less than okay.  After being lost for a little while, my parents found me and sent me to bed, and I was thrown into the gnomes thing.  Right away I knew something was off, I was way underleveled for everything I was finding, but I shrugged it off and kept going.  When I got passed it, I now had the quest to meet Kyle, and the journal said something about Craig being evil (I think Craig, idr).  I obviously missed something, but I still have the goth kids quest, which I cant advance further in, nor can I meet Kyle for this quest.  It's forcing an entire new game to be played, and is a serious game breaker.  Im going to keep my old save file, in hopes this can be fixed as soon as possible.  If it makes a difference, i have the Steam version of the game.

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Hello, having a similar issue, except it happened during the first day. 

while walking around the forest, my parents appeared to send me to bed, but i managed to get to the woodland critters before. when leaving the critters, my parents got me, and i got back to my room, able to do whatever i wanted. I got back to KKK to start the giggling donkey quest, and my parents appeared again in the cellar, except this time the alien scene triggered when i got back to my room.



Here's a save file, just after meeting the woodland critters  : http://www.mediafire.com/download/s6jf378a06y4nos/Save_Slot_001.sav

and a second one, just before going to the giggling donkey : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ca298g0wwc0sspz/Save_Slot_002.sav


it looks like staying for some time in the forest somehow triggers the "get to your room" event, instead of maybe some event that happens if you stay too long (i remember an ingame text mentioning this)


i hope there's a way to fix the save, but even if not, good luck with fixing the bug,



and congratulations on your good work on the game

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Thank you for the saves! We're looking into it as we speak. 


Hey guys,


So any updates on this?  I'm having a similar issue on Steam.  Find it hard to believe that this could be patched, allowing me to use my current save... 10hrs wasted... Not very happy...



Here's how mine went down:


1) Day 2, Main Quest = Recruit Goth Kids

2) Went to forest to explore instead of progressing main quest; got lost, parents eventually showed up

3) Parents bugged-out, following me around repeating they'd been looking all over for me each time I go to a new screen

4) Finally parents take me home and send me to bed.

5) Wake up to gnomes, beat gnomes (bugged here too.. companion walking with me through walls of house, but alone in combat)

6) Go outside, all of a sudden Stan is my companion w/o explanation

7) Now have two main quests - Recruit Goth Kids & Kyle's House -  Don't have key for Kyle's house...

8) Goth Kids don't respond to "A" button, Hobo doesn't have Goth clothes...  

9) No clothes, no key... Can't continue main quest

10) Not realizing that my game is completely f*ked, I continue some side quests... Now there's Nazi zombies and crap all over the place, no explanation why


If my  saves would be of any help, let me know.

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