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I know a lot of players use free VPNs to get around region locks / censored content, then put steam in offline mode while playing the game. I'm not sure if you need a CC attached to a physical address in the correct region though. US military personel run into this problem when stationed in regions where a steam game hasn't been released, and VPN'ing is how they get around it.


Another option, and someone please tell me if I'm wrong, is being gifted the game by someone who can purchase it.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I‘m mostly wondering about an official release, though I might keep waiting to see if one of the online retailers will let me buy it.  Unfortunately, it seems to have a regional activation lock, meaning even if I did have key from, say, Amazon, it still wouldn't activate unless I used a vpn on steam, which I'm not willing to do because I could lose the account.

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