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The game is absolutely lovely, but in most of the game you have an artificial intelligence following you (Butters/Princessu Kenny/any of the other available party members), it seems like it would be so easy to add co-op, set the camera at a point between the two players, let the battle mechanics stay the same, except for: each player has control over their character's attacks, item usage, special attacks, etc. Items in the world could be interacted with by the second player, but act as if the first player(main character(new kid)) had interacted. As there could only be two players, you could have one using the arrow keys and keypad, and one using the normal controls- Or, do something not completely terrible and have two-player-xbox-controller-usage. The xbox, and steam have ways to update the game for this potential update, not sure about the playstation.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forums.

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