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Sling of David Problems - PC





Love the game so far, but I'm having a problem.


On the PC I'm finding it impossible to proceed past the combat tutorial with the Jew class because of the way the sling of David works.


My understanding is that the attack works by mashing A and D (I've tried mashing them at the same time and alternating them) until the character sparkles, then right clicking to launch the rock.


I can't get this to work, no matter what I do. I always hit myself in the face. No sparkles.


I ran out and purchased a third party Xbox 360 controller (Afterglow) and attempted to play with that. The game asks me to twirl the thumb stick and hit A to launch the attack.


I twirl the stick. No sparkle. No matter how hard I twirl.


Has anyone else had Sling of David problems on the PC? Solutions?




Windows 8.1 - Keyboard and Afterglow 360 controller tried.




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