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Ubisoft Lied about Samurai Pack for PC users who preorder at EBgames

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I feel like I just got anal probed by Ubisoft!  I just went and picked up my preorder on the PC and when I was in the EBgames store the employee calld their District Manager and was informed that even though all the advertising, paid for and created by Ubisoft, stated clearly that EBgames preorders get the Samurai pack, well its all a big fat lie.  I was told it was only available for xbox360 and ps3 versions.  This is total crap.  It is Ubisoft that created the advertising, stating the bonus is for all the versions, and has lied to us about actually getting these extra outfits which is the only reason I preordered the game in first place.


What are you going to do Ubisoft to appease your PC customers?

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I'm disappointed to find this out and hope Ubisoft can correct this for those of us that are affected by it.  While not a get-my-pitchfork-and-join-the-mob issue, I do find that false/screwed up advertising does leave a bad impression of the company and will make me seriously reconsider and future purchases from them.

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