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Party Creation

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Ok, just a few things, I'm a huge fan of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and on back into the halcyon days of computer gaming with the Gold Box SSI games, like Pool of Radiance (and even further, but I digress).  I love what you guys are doing, and have been following from afar with a huge grin on my face.  These types of games have given me the most enjoyment over my long history of gaming, but I just did not want to know too much about this game, and come into it fresh...if that makes any sense.  So, my apologies if this has been asked 1,000 times already.


But, in Pillars of Eternity, will we create one character and gather NPC's, like in Baldur's Gate?  Or, will we create our entire party like in Icewind Dale, and the earlier gold box adventure games.  I actually really love designing entire parties, and taking a few hours just to create the party, give them backgrounds, and names, and just have fun with the whole party concept.  But, it was also fun to see the unique characters in Baldur's Gate, too.


However, I do love creating my own party, and would love if the max party size is 8.  That's some epic Dragonlance sized party, I know...but it is just so fun.  Anyway, party size is probably six, right?  That's ok. 


Anyway, if anyone can help, and not go too harshly on me.  I just didn't want to spoil myself with the fantastic world of this game, reading about it every day.  I do love what you guys have done, and the success you have had.  It made me feel like a kid again, when you received the firestorm of income from Kickstarter backers.  Good luck, and thanks again in advance.

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You create one character and gather NPC companions along the way.  However, you have the option to create party NPCs at the adventurer's hall, which won't be accessible right away but will eventually allow you to just make your own companion characters.


Max party size I believe is six.

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