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Bad Glitch, Pls help

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My husband and I are playing dungeon seige III **PS3** and it has come to our attention that we cannot complete "lord devonsey's trap" it says to talk to Odo in the legion chapterhouse.

we only noticed this after playing through a number of other missions and have finished all the quests in stonebridge the final one being deciding what to do with the dapper old gent,

We are now unable to progress any further in the game as odo is in the grand chapterhouse and talking to him does nothing,


The breadcrumbs lead us to an arrow infront of the Causeway in the Grand Chapterhouse. All Odo is saying is I gave a good man a second chance and referrs to the gent.

After the Queen,we didnt go and talk to odo, at the legion chapter house, we went to Stone Bridge instead to continue on with other missions and defeated the Old Gent but before we continue we have to make sure all other Quests are complete and this one is blocking our path because as far as I can tell we waited to long to talk to ODO and it has decided we missed our chance. Interesting that when we came back from Glitterdelve mines ODO had in fact already travelled to the "Grand Chapterhouse" via Causeway earlier on and was not at the original "Legion Chapterhouse" which is where the quest says to talk with him.

I am really keen to continue the game, but I not sure if that will be an option if we cant bypass this.


I saw a similar post 2 years ago, with no solution. Hoping it was fixed? Please help!

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