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Which of the final fights you prefered? (spoilers, obviously)

Final-ish combats  

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  1. 1. Which of the final fights you preferred?

    • Jayne
    • Corrupted god

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I have to ask - there are two combat scenes in the game that could be final. One is fighting Jeyne Kassynder of Jeyne Kassynder, the most Jeyne Kassynder of all Jeyne Kassynders. The 'other final' fighting scene is against the corrupted almost-god.


It's not that the god-fight was bad, but I personally enjoyed the one with Jeyne much more - largely because of the sound assets and because the combat itself isn't so ... static (especially when playing as Lucas) while at the same time fighting the god thing had more "stages" and and other variables.


I'm curious about other people's views on this and it might be useful feedback to Obsidian as well...

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