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1000 Boss Monsters in a Row and the Eternal "Simple" Enemy

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When hearing about this project, my first imagining was the South Park gang fighting off a terrible boss monster in an early portion of the game. Later on in the game, they'd meet an army of the very same boss monster -- and unlike most CRPG, they'd have to fight a thousand versions of that boss monster, all armed with random weapons (illustrated as the very best weapons in the game) -- and they could only select one character to do it. Meanwhile the other guys would have to fight one single enemy, the enemy that presented them with the least hassle (an opponent defeated in the least amount of time), and that enemy would be the actual most powerful boss in the game (unless Wendy Testeberger gets upset).

"This is what most people do not understand about Colbert and Silverman. They only mock fictional celebrities, celebrities who destroy their selfhood to unify with the wants of the people, celebrities who are transfixed by the evil hungers of the public. Feed us a Gomorrah built up of luminous dreams, we beg. Here it is, they say, and it looks like your steaming brains."


" If you've read Hart's Hope, Neveryona, Infinity Concerto, Tales of the Flat Earth, you've pretty much played Dragon Age."

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