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Microsoft screws Nokia over again


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I think what someone said previously (Rosjberg?) must be correct: Elop, as a supposedly ex-Microsoft employee, is working to grind Nokia into the ground so that Microsoft can purchase it on the cheap.


6 months of stagnant Windows Phone sales might not be much by itself, but it comes at a time when Nokia is literally teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. This is the push.


And Microsoft? Well, they're not making many friends these days, between screwing over OEMs, screwing over Nokia, screwing over existing customers with their stupid new UI for Windows 8, preventing Firefox and Chrome from being installed in the ARM version of Windows 8, and preventing customers from installing Linux on future Windows 8 PCs via the moronic "SecureBoot" feature of UEFI they're cramming down manufacturers's throats. Tell me, when was the last time you suffered from a rootkit attack? :banghead:

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