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Unexplained massive FPS drops



Okay, so I've had this problem on and off with the game since I purchased it on release. I have actually finished the main campaign and am looking to pick up the expansion to tide me over until D3's release. Perfect timing right?


But this is ruining my plans! It's a very odd problem which I have no explanation for. It seems now for some reason the problem has gotten worse. Let me explain what happens.


So basically, when I run the game, everything runs beautifully. I'm maxing everything except for shadows which are on normal. Smooth, running at about 50-60 FPS the whole time all good. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 - full screen. Very happy indeed.


But then suddenly, for NO apparent reason, my FPS drops, drastically. The game becomes unplayable. Sometimes, if I wait around for a while, the issue will resolve itself, but the problem will come back after a while. Previously, my gf and I would be able to play for a long time without this happening...SOME times. Now it seems impossible. I did a graphics card driver update recently and what is most frustrating is I feel the game does run smoother, when it runs well, but the problem seems to happen more frequently.


Here are my system specs:


Dell Studio XPS 1645

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Intel core i7 Q740


AMD Radeon HD 5730

Graphics card Driver version / date: 8.951.0.0 / 8-03-2012


If I start the task manager during one of these drops, the CPU is running at only 29%. DungeonSiegeIII.exe is taking up about 330k K in memory.


I want to also note, that while I am using the MotionInJoy DS3 tool to use PS3 controllers, the problem happens irrespective of this, even when using just mouse and keyboard.


Could this be an overheating problem? Is the game able to run, but too taxing for my graphics card causing it to overheat? In comparison, I was running Dragon Age Origins at close to max and never had this issue. I also ran the D3 beta at all max except shadows and never had this issue.


Any help would be really appreciated, I want to play the expansion!

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