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Valve ports Steam and their games to Linux


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Some people have suggested that this might be a first step towards a Valve console, since Apple and Microsoft probably wouldn't want to liscence their OS's to Valve, and Valve probably wouldn't want to pay licencing costs.


Either way, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! About damn time. Once I figure out how to de-RAID-0 this computer I shall install the latest version of Ubuntu and await Linux Steam's release, because I am damn sick of coding on my netbook, and coding on Windows is a ****ing joke.

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If you install ubuntu now, you might get it up and running well configured just before the linux version of steam is released, which is probably gonna happen in half a year or so.


I haven't coded in quite a while, but while I was in the loop, VC was the best IDE. I doubt that changed. Has it?


Anyhow, good news Valve supports freedom. If a day comes they port photoshop, lingvo, qip, icereader, pokertracker and a tons of other useful software to linux, I might even... nah, that sounds too sci-fyish.

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