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HUGE first people village bug



I'm about 6 hours into the game.

I'm doing the "Lost in the swamp" and "The root of the matter" quests.

There is a bridge mechanism that has to be engaged in order for me to cross over into the next part of the swamp. I engaged the trigger and crossed over into a small island with a save point, a shrunken head shrine/bonfire and two paths leading off the island. I saved there. I cam back an the bridge was gone. I can't get back to the wheel to trigger the bridge again and the only other path off this island is blocked by roots. I can't do anything to get off of this island. Its impossible. I can run around in circles and re-save....but that's it. Rather upsetting. I'm on the XBOX360. Is there a fix for this at all? I really don't want to have to start over. I usualy save over my manual saves. So, I have no previous save to load from. Auto save included.

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It's probably late for you now but I want to answer this for all those who find themselves in this situation. Solution is relatively simple but I busted my ass until I figured it out, so here it is..


1. You will need to enable the console in this game, you can do that just by downloading this rar file and extracting it's contents into your Dungeon Siege directory /data/.

2. Start the game normally and load your campaign.

3. Open MENU and click on HELP TOPICS (Clicking on Help Topics will open your console where you can type commands)

4. Type warp_to_position <600,100,500> and hit enter, - this will teleport you to a nearby place, just above these f*** trees that you couldn't pass by (it's easier if you copy/paste these commands)

5. After that type modal_close_all to close the console and then just get back to game and enjoy.


Here is the file you will need to download:



..and here's the rest of the commands so you can play with it if you like:



These numbers in step 3 are coordinates, you can type whatever you want, that's basically what I did too - just experimented many many times until I finally did it!


It worked for me, I guess it should work for you too.



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