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Quest Bug, unable to meet Roderick



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Help I'm stuck.


I am unable to meet Roderick because he is placed inside a wall in the dungeon, see attached photo. I used the Key R to find him and the exclamation mark is barely visible but he is there.


What to do ?


Best regards


Hello madsravnjensen,


Is that in the Southern Mining Tunnel or the Western? Also, what quests have you completed? I can honestly say that I have never encountered the issue where Roderick was placed inside of the wall? It could possibly be due to not all the appropriate game files being downloaded from Steam.


I would first attempt to reload into your most previous save. If it is then still an issue possibly re-download the game. If nothing seems to resolve this and it is still an issue it would be very much appreciated if you attached the save file to the forum so we could take a look at this issue.




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I also am having trouble with this Roderick fellow. He is quite the lover of being inside of walls.. >~<
But I am playing Dungeon Siege III on the Xbox.

So, re-downloading the game isn't as simple as it may seem.
Unfortunately, I cannot finish the quest without meeting the guy...... :L krrrrrrrrrrrr.

Would buying another CD of the game help?? Or is it my game system? -.-


I just don't know.

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