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Xbox 360 Achievement Bug- Could a Dev respond?





I'm having trouble getting the achievement for beating the game with Anjali. I've completed the game with the other three and get to corresponding achievements no problem. However the one for Anjali just won't unlock. I've joined a few random peoples games and finished the last boss with Anjali... about 4 times now... I'm just wondering if clearing the cache will fix this issue as I don't really want to clear the cache if I don't have to. Would be great if a dev could respond about this? It's going to be quite annoying if I get stuck with having all achievements unlocked except for this one due to some kind of bug :(

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Update, finally got the achievement after about the 6th time doing it. However it was the fist try today so I guess rebooting my xbox fixed it. So I guess if anyone else is having troubles with achievements unlocking just turn your xbox off then back on.

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