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KotOR II crashing

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I bought KotOR II last weekend but can't play it for any longer than about 30 minutes.

At first everything runs fine but then after half an hour when I select something the options turn to white squares and a few moments later the game crashes with a 'the memory could not be read' error. When I try to start the game again it won't even start I get the KotORII stopped working error. When I try to change my display settings after I got an error when I try to access the settings tab I get an error telling me that my card is outdated and set to VGA mode, I can't play any other games anymore after I got an error either.


Got any ideas how I could solve this?


These are my specs:


Operating System: Windows XP professional (51 build 2600)

Processor: AMD Dualcore 5000B 2.6Ghz

Memory: 2048MB RAM

Page File: 752MB used, 3188MB available

DirectX Version: DirectX 9


Thanks in advance

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