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Taipei area doesn't load



Hey folks. I've been playing Obsidian Games since they opened up shop and have never had a single game-breaking technical glitch that ever really bothered me until now.


I picked up a copy of Alpha Protocol after hearing a few friends mention it was a good alternative to other RPG's of the time- and I have to agree, I've spent the last eight hours playing it without a single hitch! And then I am about to finish Taipei.


After the Hotel, and after you are locked in the maintenance tunnels, you have to climb a few levels of stairs. Eventually you reach the top of this 3-level area crawling with guards, and you are supposed to open a door.


This door, to me, opens up a blank and black expanse- no loaded mapping. I hear a character telling me they are 'stationed here to monitor the area' but I see nobody- nothing, no exit, no entrance. as soon as I walk through the door I enter a black void and Michael just keeps falling for infinity. There is no way for me to beat the mission without passing that point- yet the map doesn't load.


I'm really far in, I've done Saudi and Rome and I don't want to reinstall the entire game- I did that twice just to make sure it'd load properly.


Also, this might be worth mentioning: I'm running 1.0, is this a known issue fixed in 1.1? Thanks for your time.

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