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After convice Handmaiden to train as a Jedi, I am teleported to an empty academy on telos

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Vanilla bug.


K2 pure, with 1.0b patch, that's all.


After having convince the Handmaiden to train as a Jedi, I am teleported to the secret academy on telos. It's empty and I can't do anything, nor return on board of the Hawk.


I've allready found answers about this when I did not need them but now, I am not able to find anything exept a link to the dead Team Gizka board.


Why this happen ?


What to do ?



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No, not much.


There's a bug with handmaiden where you can not proceed with the Telos Academy when you follow a specific dialogue-path in your first encounter with her.


Don't know if this is related but it has some similarities.


edit: found this on gamefaqs-forum, some talk about bugs in a blog's comments, one saying "When trying to get off telos, just go to party selection menu and deselect the other two". Dunno if any of that helps or that you've seen them before.

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