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Star wars KotOR 2 Problem please help!

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Hey guys i was playing SWKotOR2 when i got to onderon to meet the jedi there (forgot his name) and to protect the queen,

at some point you have to disable a force field via a teminal, once thats done you go further up the bridge then ge to a second force field, you are then supposed to switch to bar dour to hit it with your fist to deactivate it, my problem is i have vissa and the old lady jedi in my characters, so i went to switch but it says "cannot switch at this time" every time, tried running all the way back to my ship still nothing, tried everything i can think of!


please help really fun game.





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Translated from a French page :



This is the "False bug of the second force field of the "Sky Ramp"


It may be that, facing the second force field, on the "Sky Ramp", you can not break it down and that the message tells you that Bao-Dur could probably open it. Obviously, Bao-Dur is not in your activ group!


This message has deceived many users, since 2004, who think the game is definitely blocked, judging by the questions on the forums.


Simply speaking to Bostuco and the destruction of the second force field becomes possible. Look to Bostuco and have a new dialogue. It's Bostuco speaking:


Captain Bostuco

"That traitor Vaklu has allied with the Sith. And somehow even the beasts follow them. "


As long as you have not had this conversation with Bostuco, the second force field will block the "Sky Ramp" (which is curious because this conversation has little to do with the force field!).


Note that the indispensable MOD TSLRCM, V 1.7, fixes this bug.



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