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Spell List and Style

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As I recall DS1 had something like 300 spells split between Nature Magic and Combat Magic. While there were themes, ice, lightning and light versus fire and death spells they were all different and interesting to explore. DS2 had something like 50 spells. For combat there was 5 or 6 spells for each of the 3 schools, lightning, fire, death and nature had ice. There were a few new concepts, autocasting and some buffing\cursing spells but nothing that made up for the loss. So what's DS3 going to be like? Naturally I'm hoping DS1 but given there are classes, a concept closer to DS2, it's possible that it might follow KoTOR, Titan Quest etc and make spells class skills which would definitely not be my preferred option.


Any chance of something more akin to the Elder Scrolls where spells can be crafted? Mixing the DS1 spell list with Elder Scroll customisation would be awesome!!!

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