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I can't make my lightsaber, wtf?

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I have all the parts I need to make my lightsaber. I talked to Bao-Dur while on Goto's Yacht and he said I had all the parts, it gave me the blade option, but when it asked what color crystal I wanted to use, it exited out without letting me choose.


It then gave me the "Items Lost" prompt. And I didn't get anything.


I figured maybe I needed to wait till I got to the Ebon Hawk. I tried it there, and STILL NOTHING. What's going on here?


Note that I am playing this on another computer (not the one I was having issues with) where the quest has been completed before on other files.

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I figured it out. I had a cyan crystal in my inventory, so I figured that would work, but for whatever reason, the game did not register it as an option.


I guessed that that might be my problem, being as it was the only thing I could think of that would keep me from making the saber, so I went out and bought a yellow crystal. Sure enough, that did the trick. I was able to make a yellow saber.


So yea, I guess this thread can be locked or something.

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