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Possible Graphic Problem in KotOR I

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I know I asked this before but I'll see if I can get anymore progress. So my KotOR I works okay, as long as I dont update it so I can get some securom @#$% to shut up and let me play. But objects that are supposed to appear bright, appear with no lighting at all it seems like, or just dim. We're talking like Sith Trooper armor, melee weapons, lightsaber hilts, and certain types of armor. I'm running the game on a Toshiba Vista if you need to know and for scanning the hardware all I really only got a warning on the video card. I think I have an Intel graphics card on this Toshiba.


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That's due to the limitations of your graphics card, I get the same with an intel 945, which was/is used in wide range of laptops. I don't think you can do anything about it. Basically anything that's supposed to be shiny (like the sith trooper armour) appears white or grey or whatevever. Also, you will notice that some force powers don't appear to have any visual effects (such as no blur when you're force running).

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