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Glitch after Goto's Yaht

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Basicly, I finish Goto's yaht and leave. Then I go onboard the ebon hawk and EVERYTHING IS GONE!!!! COMMUNICATIONS CONSOLE INCLUDED!!! I look out the front window and see the Death Star. Kreia and GO-T0 are in the center of the ship, I don't see "leave ebon hawk", everything is gone except the ugly witch, the droid, and the graphics (although the workbench dissapeared. How the heck do I get rid of this problem? Is it because I used the Cheat Node? :)

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I don't use mods. I play KOTOR on the xbox.I went through it again (luckily I saved b4 I checked it out) and I was wondering if there's a way to get the vocabulater if you forgot it on peraugus? For some reason I did, I dunno y, HK-47 is my fav... Oh and horsephazer, after you beat hannhar go out, through the door ahead of you, left, and then use the panel next to the door

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