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game don't start

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hey im having a problem with my game and i don't relly know what to do about it >.<


info: the problem is that the game just don't whant to start


i had no problems what so ever installing the game, but when i try to start it, it just dossen start


if i update the game to 1,0b and try to start it, it pop's up saying that there whos a system failer and that i can send the report ect ect


i have checked that i had all that's needet for me to play it and i do so it can't be that (my pc is a windows xp)


i just buyed the game so the cd's are aka new so there shode not be anyting wrong with dose


and i have ben looking on here to see if someone have had the same problem and i can't see any that has had that


anyone know what i shode do? or can help me out? thx

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