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Problem with KOTOR 2 Vista 64x Starting etc.

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Here's the story


i installed this game and it ran fine i did not need to play as administrator or anything i played for about 4 hours and got to telos i think it was (the second place in the game (after the first asteroid mission/training)


now from here it crashed/said it wasn't working and every time a tried to launch it after that it told me the same thing and wouldn't launch/start at all i tried the mss32.dll and it didn't work, i launch the game and nothing happens i checked my running processes and it's taking 10000 kb but it's not launched or anything it will do this indefinitely


i ran the config program that came with the game and it said that my graphics card's driver is out of date but i checked it's drivers and they are up to date


this shoudln't really even be a problem because it ran for 4 hours or so i just don't get it i REALLY want to play this game so any help would be appreciated


the are my system specs


thank you for all the help you can give me anything will help



System Information


Time of this report: 10/5/2009, 03:44:42

Machine name: ASKREN_PC

Operating System: Windows Vista

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