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Game always crashes after intro sequence

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Hi all,


Have installed KOTOR 2 on my laptop, unfortunately it always crashes after I've created a character and watched the intro. Very irritating!


I've tried all the advice I've been able to find online, both on this forum and others:

Replace the mss32.dll file

Install and run in XP SP2 and Win 2000 compatibility modes

Set the launcher to only utilise one of the processor cores

Emailed Securom - no joy from them

Even tried a No-CD patch (in desperation!)


Does anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions gratefully received!


Many thanks,




P.S. System details below


System Information


Time of this report: 7/15/2009, 02:09:43

Machine name: CHRIS-LAPTOP

Operating System: Windows Vista

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K2 doesn't work on my laptop, son of a bitch, but I know that tons of people that got it to work just fine, hell, K2 works on my XP but is @#$%ed up on my Vista, then K1 works just fine on my laptop Vista, but doesn't work on my XP, heh, weird. As from what I know, it's the Intel thing, KotOR 2 works okay with dual processors, but Intel isn't powerful enough to run a game like KotOR II. Try downloading a Radeon processor.

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