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Black Screen, Can Pause?

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Hi, i just came to this forum after experienceing a problem after the secret academy. I read a post about a problem like this however there was no solution so im gona try here.

I have just given fought the maidhead girls at the secret academy and gave up on the last stage as i couldnt beat all 5 of them. I left and went to the ship and enterd. A cut scene emerges of the ship ebon hawk leaving then it cuts to the jedi women (forgot her name) and she says about how one of the maidnheads of watever there called has apparently left with me. It then opens the loading screen with Darth Nihilus then i get to a black screen. i can still see the cursor and the music is playing. if i press esc i get the option to load previous save games ( i have saved just before i get on the ship so ive repeatedly tried entering again however the same problem occurs) and if i press space bar to pause the pause menu pops up in the corner. i cant hear my character walk either.

I am running on windows vista 32 bit and have a 8800gt nvidea graphix card with the latest driver 185 or somthing as i jsut updated it 1 hour ago.

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