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Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1 already faster than 9.04


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9.04 itself didn't exactly lag in performance improvements, either, but it's less than a month after the release of 9.04 and already the first alpha of Karmic Koala is zooming ahead!


The performance increases vary from 5% to something like 200%. Specifically, the SQLite regression has been fixed as the kernel has been updated! That means Firefox and other SQLite-based apps will now run probably 2 to 3 times faster on Ubuntu (i.e. at the same speed as in OS X, Windows, and older Ubuntu versions). It's a shame they couldn't fit this into 9.04, because it really is pretty big.





Also, Ubuntu has launched a cloud services package called Ubuntu One. It aims to tackle Microsoft. The first 2Gb of online storage are free, than $10 for 10Gb. It operates over Amazon's cloud it seems. Looks only available to Ubuntu users (of which there are over 10 million). I am not sure what the rest of its offerings are, but it makes clear it has a plans to branch out. Invite only beta atm.




And in terms of the bigger picture between Ubuntu and software-as-a-service/cloud computing: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13846_3-10169249-62.html

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