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Zez-Kai Ell: Missing.

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I made a dark side character on KotOR II. When it came time to kill the Jedi Masters, I killed them all..


Except for Zez-Kai Ell. I let him go, and looking back at my saves it says he's going to return to Dantooine when I have gathered all the Jedi. Well now I can't find Ell, on Nar Shaddaa, OR on Dantooine. I can't get the Enclave top level open, either..


Where did the elusive bastard go, and/or how can I kill him off at this stage?

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Addendum: Never mind, it seems I found the source of the problem. Dantooine is now open. Delete this thread if you want, or whatever it is you do to defunct topics around here. :p

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