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Game crashes on Peragus II

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Kotor2 crashes everytime I'm start walking on the outer exterior on PeragusII. Very annoying because it's just the first "world".

The game is originally bought in a story and the cd has no scratches. Besides that I've updated the game. Also have I tried to get it to work with lower (and the lowest) configuration (low texture pack, no sounds etc.), but that didn't work either.

I've mailed to Securom for an analyses of my game and they say it's just fine.. but it doesn't work..


Anyone with suggestions???


Some (notebook) system specs:

CPU: Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3600+ 2.00GHz

RAM: 1918MB

VGA: Via Chrome9 HC IGP Family WDM (256MB onboard)


System: Windows Vista Basic

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