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Bao-Dur/Kreia problem

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My game's broken.. ever since I challenged the Handmaidens in the Telos Academy, Bao-Dur and Kreia have become broken.


1. I can't talk to them. When I click on them, they just move to the right.

2. When I control them, I can talk to my char, but can't use computers or other interactive objects.

3. When I have them in my party, they don't move unless they spot an enemy.


Using patch, and computer is:

Geforce 7600gt, 2gb ram, intel p4 3,0 ghz.


At the moment I'm at the final stage of Nar Shaddaa, on Goto's Yacht.

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Does the game say something about a [cheat node] when you click on them? There is a common bug the causes some trouble on Telos, depending on your response to the Handmaidens as soon as you enter the Academy (more on that in the appropriate sticky). If that doesn't help, perhaps your save has been corrupted, so try loading up a saved game before you enter and use different dialog options.

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