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Terminator: TSCC


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Episode spoilers follow... of course.


Strange episode on Monday. Cameron apparently fries a circuit while grocery shopping for John and starts reliving memories of being human in the future. The version of Cameron from the future is captured and interrogated by terminators. This didn't make a whole lot of sense, being a terminator her self so I came to a rather dark conclusion that turned out to be wrong but, IMHO, might have made the episode better.


My first assumption was that Cameron originally was a human who could get close to John and had some sort of relationship with him which is why the terminators had captured her and were interrogating her. Where my theory deviated and was more gruesome, is that the terminators actually skinned her and even used chunks of her brain inside the terminator model to allow quick access to human emotion which would explain why the Cameron terminator was having memories of being a human. Unfortunately, the explanation turned out to be that the terminators simply created a terminator that looks like her and were interrogating her for information about her life so Cameron could more effectively imitate Allison (Cameron's human name).


I think the writers really dropped the ball with this explanation though, as Cameron seems to know things that likely would have been forgotten in the future, like her phone number. Call me crazy, but after years of surviving in a post apocalyptic holocaust world I don't think I'd remember my phone number from my childhood.


Overall, an odd episode.

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Strange it was.


The machines must have some how extracted the memories from Allison either live or dead. The human brain is nothing more than an organic hard drive with sections reserved for storage (memories). Memories of the phone number and her attempted escape and the emotions that go along with it, is not something that was taken during the interrorigation.


Hades was the life of the party. RIP You'll be missed.

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