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Lorne Lanning interview


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Lorne Lanning, underrated artists and storyteller of Oddworld fame, talks about stuff like the evolving game industry, user-generated nonsense, and his new Oddworld game. Click


He also has a CGI movie in the works which he will personally direct, called Citizen Siege, a dark and mature tale about mega-corporism and stuff. There's also a game for Citizen Siege in development, allegedly called "Wage Wars", which shares assets from the CGI film. Plus he still plans a new Oddworld game and film.


You can also buy Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exodus now on Steam recently. If these game will sell well enough, we might see a chance seeing Munch and Stranger's Wrath get ported to the PC and released on Steam. So, do your duty and buy these Oddworld games, games where you can make Abe fart by pressing a button. You know you want to!

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