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Install and load up help.

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Okay, so i've recently (well as in a month) purchased a brand spanking new Alienware laptop.


An absoloute beast of a machine that cost me a pretty penny.


And woe and behold as i'm looking for a game to play I find my KOTOR 2 disks.


The whole instillation went fine until I tried to start the game for the first time.


As you would all be aware, on the first start up KOTOR does a configuration and also a hardware scan to make sure you meet the minimum requirements for the game. Of course everything turned green, this laptop being far beyond minimum level. All but one thing however.


The hardware scan stated that my drivers were out of date. I don't know if they are actually out of date or wether mine are so new that they don't have the compatability?


Ignoring that (as you do) I tried to start the game regardless.

Many a time all I got was a windows message stating 'KOTOR 2 has stopped working, trying to find a soloution'

and of course windows could not find a soloution so it stopped the application.


Once last night the game for some strange reason (not complaining) opened, and I had a good few hours blasting my way through the peragus mining facility until alas my playing time came to the end.


Now as I attempt to start the game again, the freak occurence is not happening anymore and all I get is the windows error message as before.


Any ideas?




System Information


Time of this report: 7/14/2008, 11:01:23


Operating System: Windows Vista

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