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Will Obsidian fix this bug? Tell us the answer, YES or NO ?


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I'm glad the the newest expansion is pre-released,

we hope that Obsidian would fix the bug about ASIA's Language when the expansion is released, or at least arrange it in the next patch , please!



Old Discussion on Bioware Forum:



Old Discussion on Obsidian Forum Community:



Please help us to enter ASIA's Language in the new expansion!



QUOTE AthenaStar

Posted: Tuesday, 08 January 2008 02:47AM


Yes, The procedure is actualy quite easy:

(for all Windows OS version higher than XP)

(for Windows 2000 you might need your original disc)


1. go to control panel

2. select "area and language option"

3. go to the "language" tab

4. check "install east asia language files" at

additional language support category.

5. then windows will tell you all the files that you need

have already been installed inside of your windows, just check

to make it work.

6. go to the language input slot by the tool bar.

7. Right click and select setting

8. "add" any asia language which now are availible

(anyone of the chinese or japanese or korean input)

and all of them will crash when typing in MP mode.


so I want the Devs take a look at here, it's easy to

reproduce the condition. I personally test it on

several versions of Windows, En Jap Chinese Franch etc.

And all of them turn out to have the same problem

with asia input.




Topic in Bioware Forum Now :

Will Obsidian fix this bug? Tell us the answer, YES or NO ?



Honestly , I'm totally disapointed.

Did I wasting my time to do this?


Sorry for my poor English, coz my mother tongue is a ASIA's Language.

As a result , I feel disappointed when I play NWN2,

I know that lots of Asian also feel disappointed when they play NWN2.


Will Obsidian fix this bug? Tell us the answer, YES or NO ? We just want a answer...


Please, please , help us out of the abyss...

listen to our last breath...

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If this is an actual bug, and not you requesting a language translation, then you might want to consider communicating this to one of the developers directly so they can pass it on. :)


This question has been responded to on the NWN2 forums.

Matthew Rorie

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