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Solving "HELP" Issues

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This goes to everyone posting a "Help" Topic. What is a "Help" topic, here is a example.... "My game isnt working" Now as much as we'd like to help you on your problem saying that does nothing what so ever. Heres an improved "Help" topic, "Everytime I visit Nar Shadaa my game crashes". Now this is a little more helpfull because most issue's with KOTOR 2 are recurring in other people's games. So most of the time we have ran into this issue before and know how to solve it. HOWEVER, there is still a huge gap in your "Help" topic. First of all we NEED to know what kind of system you are running.


How can you do this..


1. *NOTE- this way is helpfull if you need help in knowing if your computer can run most computer games. Just find the game and take the test... easy as 123* Well Heres an easy way. Click on that link and to the right there is a box that says "Game Select" click on the arrow and select any game (because at this point it doesn't matter) and it will load you to another page, you are required to download a program. This program takes no longer than 2 minutes and is sometimes blocked by pop-up blockers. Just click the pop up at the bottom of your URL bar Select "Download File" and wait and you will be redirected. It will load the game listing all needed information, go ahead and write that down in your "Help" topic and in no time someone who is a regular in these forums will most likely assist you.


2. Heres another quick and painless way to figure out your information. This involves clicking Start>Run (for Vista its Start>All Programs>Accessories>Run)type "dxdiag". Wait for the bar at the bottom left to finish and disappear and select "Save All Information" a good choice to save it is on the desktop for quick use. Save it, go to your desktop and double click the dxdiag which is in text form now... copy and paste only this selected text depending on your issue if your sound is your problem list your sound information under "Sound Devices" however please still list your "System Information". Scrolling down the text you can see these as titles.. under them is some of the information you need to post... Below me is the information we're looking for.


System Information:


Operating System: Windows Vista

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