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Trying to fix a game-breaking glitch..


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After returning to Dantooine, you return to the Ebon Hawk and talk to Atton about Kreia. At the end of the conversation he says "That's what I was afraid you'd say" then fade out, and I believe you're supposed to shuttle off to Telos for the second time.


Instead the game goes completely black, although it continues to function as normal. I can still click around the upper corner to access the inventory/etc screens. If I save my game and restart+reload I can restore graphics.


What it's doing is placing me in Kreia's quarters. The ship is empty save for Atton, even the workbench is MIA. Talking to him triggers the same conversation "Where is Kreia?" all over, and hence the infinite loop.


I'm trying to fix the game with the mod tools. I had to do do the same thing for NWN2, there was a game breaking glitch in one area that I ended up having to rewrite the damn script to workaround. Gotta love having to patch your own games.


Right now I'm assuming the bug may be in the script a_load006end which triggers at the end of the Atton conversation (attonend.dlg). I located the script in 006EBO_s.rim, but it's compiled only so I'm stumped. Hopefully somebody else has a suggestion because that seems like a dead end to me.


If I just knew what that script did, I could replicate a fixed version to circumvent the glitch.

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