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Game crashes with T3 on Nar Shaddaa

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***** This post contains SPOILERS. *****






OK, another (!) game crash problem on Nar Shaddaa ... after finishing the runaround with T3 involving changing the codes of the Ebon Hawk, I'm preparing to leave the droid area and get back to the ship. I think I've done everything right, because before when I tried to leave, I was just told "you're not allowed to leave", but now, the bossy droid says something like "wait! you're not allowed to leave" and then I see a cutscene of T3 leaving anyway, into the area with the Bith guy.


Then it fades to black ... then I appear in Mira's secret room in the Docks ... and then the game crashes. Every time, without fail. Even when I go back and play the whole T3 scene again from the start.


I should mention that I had exactly the same crashing problem at the end of the PREVIOUS cutscene with Kreia talking to the Wookie guy, Hanharr. The game crashed every time when the cutscene switched back to my main character. I eventually downloaded a fix (I forget from where, now) which allowed me to skip directly from the end of Kreia's scene to the discussion in which it's decided to sell T3 in order to change the codes. Maybe this fix is somehow accountable for my current woes ... I don't know.


Has anyone else had this problem? Know how to solve it? Or even, know what's *supposed* to happen at the above-mentioned moment when my game dies?


One more game-stopping crash and I'm giving up on this game.

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Perhaps try uninstalling the mods you've added (such as the one you mention) and load from just before you get the crash; perhaps the mod is causing problems. Perhaps your saved game is corrupt? Other than that, I suppose updating the game if you haven't already, or tweaking your graphics options might assist.

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