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AGDC: Bioware on writing for Mass Effect


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On writing for next generation games, Kapyshyn was extremely positive. "One of the things I've learned as a writer myself -- with more advanced cinematic acting stuff, you're able to tell a better story more quickly with less words. So you're able to put in more story with more words. It's less writing, but it's more reliant on the writing. Dialogue used to be long exposition text dumps, but [it] can now be conveyed in a more cinematic style. What we found with Mass Effect is our writing is better because of the tools. And it will be appreciated by a wider audience. People who would skip through the writing will stop and watch Mass Effect. It's tighter dialogue and people will get more out of it. It's funny -- we get more for less."


It's all about the roleplaying I say! I'm still wondering though whether Dragon Age will go into an akin direction.

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