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Final visit to Datooine, help (spoilers)

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so, i've rounded up all the jedi and am on my way to dantooine, first strange thing I notice is that just before i meet the masters kreia splits into two during one of the cutscenes, was travelling with visas and kreia atm. After she wastes the masters she is still a member of my party despite leaving in one of the cutscenes, when I try to leave I encouter her sitting on the ledge .. I try to leave and the cut scene starts again ... and now there are three of them, i try to leave and the loading screen comes up and the game crashes, help?


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weird... she's supposed to leave the party the second she sits down. I know one time I went in with Mira and T3 and Kreia showed up and Mira and T3 and Kreia stood in the entry and I was able to bring two others to the fray, where I could hear their thoughts during their (Jedi Masters) blabbing about how I'm some sort of infection in the Force




Dawes ain't too bright. Hitting rock bottom is when you leave 2 tickets on the dash of your car, leave it unlocked hoping someone will steal them & when you come back, there are 4 tickets on your dashboard.
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