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Harped on this before NWN2 released. But neither NWN nor NWN2 implemented character item slots correctly.




Wouldn't really take much to fix...a few new constants, script changes to check the additional slots when equipping/unequipping, revise a few items to make them graft to the appropriate slot when worn, the inventory UI, etc. I think most of us have given up wanting more visually from NWN2. so just give us PnP slots, logically instead.


The number of hidden creature weapon/hide slots is extremely limiting as well. Would be cool to see slots for limbs beyond 2. 8 could cover simultaneous gores, bites, wings, extra limbs, spell-like abilities, grapple/snares, etc. seriously, the tail slot should not be forced to double as a bite (unless your creature likes to talk from his ass).


would also love to see the current 1 slot for hide become 3. a slot for race, a slot for type and a slot for template. In the long run that could help the community (and OE) bang through the creation of unique creatures via a system of pre-defined skins. write scripts to target the appropriate slot would save time instead of iterating through an overwhelming number of IPs on a single hide.

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