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2007 DICE Summit


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What is the DICE Summit?


Besides being the plural form for "die" writ in all-caps, DICE stands for "Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain," and the DICE Summit is an annual get-together thrown by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. It's not a trade show about specific product a la E3 or Tokyo Game Show, it's a lot more like the Game Developer's Conference--in that the biggest minds in designing, producing, and publishing games all get together to talk about their craft. What makes it different than GDC is its smaller, more intimate focus (a single speaking schedule as opposed to 77 different lectures happening at the same time).


Additionally, summit hosts the Interactive Achievement Awards ceremony, which is gamespeak for "Academy Awards of gaming."


Throughout the week we'll be posting event coverage below, including interviews, videos, conference wrapups, and award ceremony results:



10th Annual AIAS Awards

After winning big, Epic may consider renaming its latest 360 title to Gears of Awards.


Will Wright And The Spore Team Roll The DICE

The legendary creator of everything "Sim" talks about putting a universe in your PC.



20 Questions with Phil Harrison

Sony's Phil Harrison and Newsweek's N'Gai Croal talked PS3, showed off Singstar! and even found time to play with rubber duckies.



GameSpy Interviews Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan

GameSpy sat down over lunch with Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan where we talked about the Wii, viral marketing and much more.





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I was going to do a parody song of old Vanilla Ice, but then I realize that even I have standards.


Interesting information nonetheless.

Murphy's Law of Computer Gaming: The listed minimum specifications written on the box by the publisher are not the minimum specifications of the game set by the developer.


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Walsingham- "Sand - always rushing around, stirring up apathy."

Joseph Bulock - "Another headache, courtesy of Sand"

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