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Atton influence bug - driving me nuts!


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I have this really infuriating bug. I gained some influence with Atton and noticed that he had suddenly turned to the light side, as it were. I checked again a bit later and his alignment was back exactly where it was before.

I downloaded and tried the savegame editor and noticed that I had 60 influence with Atton, but his GoodEvil score was back down at 30. I manually changed it to 65, saved and exited. Now when I bring up the party selection screen, Atton appeared in blue but when I clicked on him, he was red again. This only happened once - all other times I've tried to change it manually, it just reverts straight back to 30.

I have 93 light btw. Sometimes in the party selection screen, he has the blue cloud at his feet but the rest is red. What is going on here? It's really annoying.




PS. I have the influence fix v1.11 installed - and always have.

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Well, had almost similar bug. However, glitch was with Bao-Dur, with problems in shifting alignment from LS to DS. Influencing Bao-Dur without having him revert back to LS can be reasonably tough.


Perhaps could try gaining influence with Atton at least three times and see if bug occurs again. Might be that insufficient influence gained with him before being able to learn about his past as potential for leveling him up as a Jedi would result in a reverting to original/starting alignment.


By the way, what kind of character are you using in terms of prestige class? Sith Lord/Jedi Master am assuming, as such classes tend to accelerate alignment shifts toward LS/DS.

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