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dual core survival guide

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windowxp hotfix

goto ms and requestnotfix associated with 896256

goto run and type regedit an click OK

right-cllick HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current\control\set\control\

session manager, goto NEW, select KEY

type Throttle for the new key name

right-click Throttle, goto New and then select DWORD Value

type PerfEnablePackageldle for the value name

right-click PerfEnablePackageldle, and then choose Modify

in the Edit DWORD value box, type "1" in theValue data box, make sure that Hexadecimal is selected and the click OK

quit regedit and reboot, and the hotfix should ge active



AMD Patch (good for intel also)

add /usepmtimer to the end of boot.ini

to get to boot.ine

right-click on my computer

select properties

click advanced tab

select startup and recovery

click on edit button



to affinity and beyond

this allows u to disable 1 of your cpus

start game

alt-control-delete to start task manager

goto processes and highlight swkotor2.exe

click on affinity

uncheck on of your 2 cpus and click OK

play game

I've used this and it works great for koto2

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Is there a program that can do that for me?




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