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More unresolved quests

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Maybe some of you know how to resolve these Nar Shaddaa quests, but I kinda figure they are impossible at this point.


I'm playing through the game as a dark side character.


Sold to the Hutts

I harassed the little girl a bit, and then went to her mother and convinced her be sold into slavery with her daughter. Visquis (or whatever) thought it was funny... before I whacked him. Anyway, the quest is unresolved saying that the girl is gone, and true, the girl isn't in the security room anymore.


Power Shortage: Bonus Mission

I already completed the puzzle with the landing order, and now the attendent in charge of that stuff (sorry, I forgot his name) won't even talk to me.


Any ideas on how to finish these out, or are they beyond help and doomed to stay in my journal the rest of the game?

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Many quests you can start and not finish if you don't play them through properly. Talking to people and choosing proper dialogue options should be primary before actually doing anything, if you decide to skip this you may accidentally start an event you can never finish.


As for the power sources



There is an Ithorian in the safe houses right by the docks, he has power cells, you have to help him and bargain for a power cell when you help him, he tells you to talk to Fassa. If you do it properly, choose the right options you should get the cell, give it to Fassa in exchange for releasing the Ithorian from his debt and mission complete


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