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I have the best graphics settings enabled and the game runs smoothly, but in the game menu (where kreia, sion or hooded dude appears) it gets very slow. Doesnt really bother me too much, but it`s annoying when im in a hurry to get the game started.


Here`s the other issue. This problem has been posted here before, but i couldnt find it and it was a pretty old topic too. I dont have a snap shot to post here, but ill do my best to describe it:


In Peragus on almost every door frame there were green and purple tiles. And on some random surfaces they appeared too. This has continued in some places in Telos too.


I have a Geforce 7800 GS-card and this problem didnt appear when i had ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. On the other hand none of the other "Ati-problems" plaque me now.

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