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Looking for some gameplay advice


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Greetings. After owning a copy of this game for some time now i have never actually completed it since i always get an annoying popping/clicking sound distortion in the background nearly all the time. Today, sitting here bored, i decided to bite the bullet and just plough my way through the game once and for all.


Im just looking for any general tips it would benefit me from knowing when playing through. Ive decided what class i want to be and which side i want to pursue, A Dark Jedi Sentinel.


So anyway, any tips? Anything i should look out for or any big mistakes i might want to avoid? Any info would be appreciated.


Also please try and retain from spoiling any of the story with your advice, thank you.

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A fine choice. The sentinal is my favorite. It isn't as specialized as the other 2 but it is the most customizable, because to get the most out of the other 2 you should specialize as much as possible. Basically as a guardian you throw everything into combat and hp and put everything into wisdom and force powers for a consular.


The sentinal is were it gets tricky because you can customise in many different ways. You can decide to have near the combat abilities of a guardian but take a few mass destructive powers as well or you can be mostly force power oriented and take a few combat feats. The sentinal can fit everywhere in the spectrum and be sucessful. Most important of all is the fact that no matter what you do, you get way more skills than any other jedi and argueable the best special abilities (immunty to fear, stun, posion) The skills are what makes the sentinal cool because if you master computer use and security, you can do alot of other things that normally you would need other party members to do. Therefore you can Use your 2 other party slots to be less skill inclined and more pure damage oriented. Plus since your gonna be at least average at both force power and combat, the sentinal's can offer a great party.


When I played a sentinal I took advantage of all the skills, awareness and persuade are a must. Comp use and security you should also definatly do. And stealth as well. Expecially if your gonna turn into a sith assassin. Skip treat injury and just get drain life as soon as possible. Rely on other party members to heal by giving kria a heal power (it won't increase in cost because she stays nuetral no matter how dark you go and then she can cast any alignment's power without penalty)


By skipping treat injury you can get all other 5 class skills with only 14 intelligence at the start. So use points like this: 10 str, 16 dex, 14 con, 14 int, 12 wis, 10 cha. Then take the lighsaber finesse feat when available. I was very sucessful with this as the character will get a nice bonus to attack with the finesse feat. You also get good hp and a +1 bonus to force points as well. Alternatly you could put less into CON and DEX and more into wisdom if you plan on doing a bit more force power attacks and less fighting.


Also you can get by fine with 12 intelligence and not put points into awareness because usually some other party member will have it. Then you could raise your wisdom to 14 instead and start out with a better force ability. so then it would be

10 str, 16 dex, 14 con, 12 int, 14 wis, 10 cha.

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