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Not being able to use a new laptop SUX

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This makes no sence to me. I have a newer / better / stronger laptop, and now I cant play my favorite game.... This SUX... Anyone know why?

I go trough all the set up menus, and when I go to move my character he goes helter skelter. I still see the screen, the character just sort of goes where he wants, or keeps spinning around. OPccasionally he will move where I want but then he gets stuck.... HELP!!!!! Is there a fix to this problem????? I am on the road all the time, and for me not to have my favorite 2 games sux. (kotor 1 & 2) ANY USABLE ADVICE WOULD BE APRECIATED.

I have an HP Pavilion dv8000

w/a ati radeon express 200m (128 dedicated memory)

1.8GHz processor



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