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a kotor 1 question

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I've played Kotor 1 many times and I read some quotes from the game that fans have written. There is a name, Gar, who you meet in the game.

The first time I saw the name I just thought it was somebody that I missed, but now I found the name Gar again, in the wikipedia site, and I'm just curius. Have I missed something? Is Gar a person that you meet on the Genohardan quest? (I've never done that quest)

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Gar is one of the settlers on Dantooine. He and his wife are standing on the pavement just outside of the Jedi enclave, about halfway in between Nemo (the old Jedi) and Jon (the settler whose daughter was killed by the Mandalorians.) Gar will tell your char about the various troubles occurring on Dantooine - Shen Matale going missing, the Mandalorian raiders, etc. IIRC his wife has nothing of note to say. Both Gar and his wife will disappear from the game after you've killed Sherruk (the leader of the Mandalorian raiders.)

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