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Kreia's Exile

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Given that most of us would have played K2 at least once (if not many times), just think of this.


Think about the telling of a part in the story where Kreia was cast out of the Jedi Order. There is no time period that is specified. Perhaps there is a scene, when Kreia was still a historian/chronicler. She flips through several pages of history of a particular volume concerning past wars of the Jedi in the archives, maybe this would have occurred in the room where female Exiles find the Disciple in the Enclave sublevel. There is dialogue (with subtitles) as Kreia is reading out specifics of dates of wars in history, former Jedi whose names are read out. Examples would be Exar Kun, Qel-Droma, Jolee Bindo might be one of them as he was the oldest of the characters in K1. Details might include

how Jolee was exiled and how his wife was killed by others as he let her off.


Unexpectedly, Kreia finds certain things odd. According to what she remembers about history previously, some of the details of the records mention things that she had not read about before. She walks out of the library and turns rights from her perspective past a room near the entrance of the Jedi enclave, which is just opposite to the locked room (which you would usually find Joran) where Atris, being one of the Jedi on the Council, is reciting certain lines to herself. She uses a form of language which is not within the realm of knowledge of the any people on the Jedi Order, not even Kreia could understand enough to see Atris' purpose in doing so. What has happened so far takes the form of a cutscene, (not a CG movie), and Atris continues what she is doing, unaware that Kreia is just outside the room in quiet contemplation.


Kreia makes remarks to herself that what Atris was reciting were what certain details in the records did not describe fully. How did the Sith, that is those who had been banished from the Order, before the time of the current Jedi in the Council, resumed their learning in the absence of Jedi Masters? Kreia recalls that the Sith who left the Order had not reached an acceptable level of Force mastery that would enable them to have proficiency in understanding advanced forms of telepathic communication which some of the ancient Jedi Masters possessed, or to even sense the subtleties of those few Jedi who knew advanced forms of understanding and who abandoned the Order for the Sith.


Kreia asks Atris what she was thinking about and she gives a surface description of her meditation practices. At the side of the room, near a corner are some devices, of which the purposes of how Atris relied on them is currently beyond Kreia's ability to fathom. At that time, Kreia had the average ability of normal vision that almost all others had. Sensing that the devices there might hint of something foreign to the role of one within the Jedi Order, Kreia just mentions about details that she had read within records in the libary where the archives were stored.


Just the mere mention of records or archives is sufficient for Atris' demeanour to manifest itself as a tone of uninterrupted nervousness. She makes a comment that what Kreia read in the specifics of the archives were things that were long forgotten, and probably reflective of how the Force was very much a tool that had yet to be understood by those Jedi who left the Order. She takes a critical stance toward those occurrences and also describes the tenets of the Jedi code with a shallow tone of emptiness.


Given that the tone of the situation appeared to be changing from one of appropriateness to that of a directness, Atris leaves the room and walks out into the corridors, with Kreia left behind. Kreia wanders at the strange artifacts that are left in the room, but decides a wiser decision to contemplate this by herself, and goes back to reading through the archives, returning to the library.


The cutscene fades out...


Meanwhile, Atris, being by herself in another part of the enclave sub-level, attempts to refamilarise herself with force-related techniques. She makes whispering comments to herself, constantly describing the acts of destruction that the ancient Jedi, those who followed the way of the Sith, and asks herself how their followings had gathered in numbers, from a follower to a following. She then wears a face of understanding in response to having encountered an idea that she had not thought about before: Regardless of whether the Jedi records were/or not accurate, answers yet remained. Were those on the Jedi Council seeking those answers, or was she alone in her quest of understanding? She decides to undertake her journey alone, considering all possibilites, of which the sources of Jedi history were marginalised as one way of searching for answers.


Cutscene fades out...


Kreia is in conversation with Vrook, concerning a discussion of Revan's training. Vrook comments that the departure of Revan to fight has been a loss of a potential person who could have devoted himself to working and further intensifying his training progressively within the ideals of the Order. Kreia mentions that the documentations within the archives of the Jedi Order has possibly left a passage of time where accounts of the Sith leaving the Order needs to be rewritten to further include the actual difficulties that those on the Jedi Council encountered in aiding in the training of young Jedi students. Kreia also makes the clear that ambiguities in historical documentation would only breed further doubt and potentially allow those who are already set against the Jedi, including those who are unknown and loyal to the Sith to amplify their sense of hostility. Kreia also mentions that Dantooine's citizens would eventually find out what those on the Jedi Council had concealed for so long a time, spanning generations of several past millennia about the uncertainties that every Jedi would have to face: An inevitability of personal understanding in order to gain a fuller understanding of the Force. Vrook greatly doubts Kreia's arguments and dismisses it as a blasphemical representation of the Force in which no possibily of harnessing force knowledge could occur. (There is dialogue and subtitles throughout a continuous exchange of views and rationalisations for both of their arguments). Kreia then mentions that the inevitability of the answer, whose implications would involve several effects and approaches of how the Force would ultimately be understood, was something that all those on the Council would have to face eventually. She then proposes to undertake the path to searching for the answer herself. Vrook declares that she would not be welcomed back into the Order by any on the Council if she decided to leave. Her departure would be permanent. She then declares that that would be it.


Cutscene fades out...



Well, that's basically how I would see as a series of cutscenes which would amplify greatly the background of Kreia and present her in the role of being an exile, whose decision to leave the Order was founded upon acknowledgement of limitation behind the Order's beliefs. If the cutscenes were presented one by one each time a PC talked with Kreia, then exile is no longer as voluntary as it seems to be...

Deep from within...


Victims live a life of fantasy.


Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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